Stand with students.

Stand with teachers.

Elevated 2020

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The Next Body of UTLA Leadership

ElevatED is a collective of diverse classroom teachers uplifting educators voices, advocating for students and building stronger communities throughout Los Angeles.
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We will lead the union to:

  • Elevate diversity, not division (equity)
  • Elevate advocacy, not apathy (educator & student voice)
  • Elevate honesty, not hostility (integrity)
  • Elevate the profession, not the politics (unity)
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“I remember thinking that the topics we discussed [at a UTLA Board meeting] had nothing to do with what my teachers at my school or any of the other teachers in that room really cared about, and yet no one was pushing to make those topics the center of our discussion...I realized the union doesn’t represent all voices. It was at the moment I decided to stand for all students and teachers.”
Marisa Crabtee
UTLA Presidential Candidate